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Student Voice

Student Voice allows students to develop ideas, get involved in discussions and advocate change within the school. This takes many forms here at Ripplevale and we feel that it is an essential practice that empowers our students. Student Voice promotes the idea of staff and students working together and learning from one another.

Here at Ripplevale this involves a Student Council, made up of representatives throughout the school, who meet and discuss school-related matters and make suggestions for improvement.

School Council

The School Council is elected at the start of each academic year, through a democratic election process. Students are elected and then expected to attend meetings and represent the school at a variety of events. The council is made up of chair, vice chair, fundraiser and year group representatives from across the year groups.​

The Council meet once a month, is supervised by staff but chaired by the council chair.  The meetings allow students to discuss their thoughts and feelings about the day to day running of the school, including gaining feedback on policy change and making suggestions for change. There are always tabled agenda items followed by an open discussion where members of the council can table matters that are significant to them and their peers.


After the meetings, minutes are shared with students and staff and the chair meets with senior leaders to discuss how their suggestions can be actioned. Our student council are also heavily involved with fundraising campaigns. 

Student Survey

We are always keen to hear how students feel about their time at Ripplevale; what they enjoy, how things could be improved, as well as activities or opportunities that they would like to try. In order to gain an insight on these areas, we conduct an annual anonymous student survey. These surveys often highlight important topics for our school council.

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