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Post 16

The post 16 provision here at Ripplevale School is in a bespoke building of spacious rooms.   There  3 very large fully equipped teaching rooms,  a theory room, a large common room, a computer room and a student kitchen area.  Post 16 also have a catering kitchen on site equipped for delivering catering and hospitality courses.  Also on site we have a trade skills and construction building equipped to deliver Gateway courses. Students also have access to the school library, multi-purpose gym, therapy hub and the vast expanse of outside space.


A' Levels in English, History and Mathematics are also an option for Post 16 students.

Our aim is for every one of our pupils to leave Ripplevale School as independent and socially competent adults. We want them to be healthy, able to access employment, gain job satisfaction, learn new skills, and to be eager to continue learning.  As well as continued learning and the opportunity to gain further academic and vocational qualifications, we teach students many life skills such as independent travel thus helping them gain the confidence to move forward into adult life.

Post 16 provides a bespoke curriculum tailored to students’ individual needs.  The facility provides a transition between School, Further Education – College, apprenticeships and work experience. 

Learning reflects students’ outcomes as specified in their Education, Health and Care Plan.  For some students this means that they have a highly personalised timetable to address very specific needs. A range of interventions are available to address these needs including: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Circuits, Numeracy and Literacy intervention, Lego Therapy, Visual Perception, Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation. For all students, there is a clear focus on increasing independence and giving students a range of experiences to inform their progression towards adulthood, and prepare and equip them with the strategies to cope with the world outside of home and school.   

Transition to local colleges is facilitated by constant liaison with parents and the college professionals such as Additional Learning Support workers and Specialist Autism-SEMH Tutors. Visits, transition days and curriculum meetings are all arranged and supported by the school to ensure students are familiar with their new environment, support networks and staff allowing transition to be as smooth and free from anxiety as possible.

Mr Jamie Lovett
Deputy Head

Ripplevale School Post 16 Curriculum Area

  • Our Key Stage 5 Curriculum Comprises of:

  • Maths – Entry level, Functional skills, Number and measure awards and GCSE

  • English – Entry level, Functional skills and GCSE Language and Literature

  • Careers and exploring work programmes inc impartial advice and guidance provided through CXK and Unifrog

  • Life Skills inc. Basic cooking, cleaning, finance, travel training and introduction to the wider community

  • PE (Physical Education) as an activity also GCSE option

  • Social Development – PSHE(Personal, Social and Health Education)/ Citizenship

  • SRE (Sex and Relationship Education)

  • There are also many educational and college visits throughout the year to prepare enrich and extend students’ learning experiences

  • Work experience

And a choice of vocational courses such as:

  • Gateway qualification in Construction

  • Gateway Hospitality and catering

  • Edexcel foundation projects

  • Cambridge National Creative Imedia

(Ripplevale) gives a much more in-depth teaching of life and personal skills... it cares very much about every boy and looks at personal potential as well as education. My son is growing beautifully at Ripplevale which is all I’ve ever wanted for him.


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