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Social Enterprises

Ripplevale College offers a number of social enterprises; businesses within the college that are open to members of the public and whose profits are reinvested back into the college to fund the future learning and development of students.


Our social enterprise businesses create real-life, work-based environments for our students. We look forward to welcoming you through our doors.

Mirror Image

Mirror Image is our amazing Hair and Beauty salon which provides students with real-life, professional work-based opportunities.

Open to the public for hair styling, make-up and beauty therapy treatments, our students will take your booking and greet you upon arrival, ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoying your time with us.


For opening hours and to book, please call 01634 812233.

Zsuzsanna Restaurant

As part of our Catering & Hospitality course, we offer a pop-up restaurant experience in our Zsuzsanna Restaurant. Named after our Patron, Susan Pollack, our restaurant serves lunches and afternoon tea as well as catering for special events from time to time.

In addition to cooking and preparing your meal, our students will take your booking, show you to your seats and provide a courteous and friendly restaurant service throughout.

For opening hours and to book, please call 01634 812233.

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