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Fundraising and community projects

Like all schools, Ripplevale is proud to raise funds for charity through various activities during the year. Fundraising is coordinated and organised by the school council who are tasked each year to choose three charities for the school to support.

To raise money for these charities we set aside fundraising days through the year which the school council plan. Students are also able to donate money through their behaviour rewards store, converting points into donations.

Our 2023/2024 Charities are as follows:

Local: Porchlight.

Visit their website to find out more:


Once again this year our Winter Wonderland Christmas Fair in December will be raising essential funds for Porchlight and also donated goodies to be distributed to those in need. The school is always appreciative with the generosity and kindness of the students and families.

Community Projects

Community projects give the students wonderful opportunities to interact with the people in the local area, make a positive contribution and apply skills learned in lessons particularly vocational courses.

Many students at the school have social anxieties and venturing outside of the school and home comfort zones can present a real challenge. Community projects provide an opportunity to combat such anxieties in a controlled way with familiar and trained staff.

Vocational courses, a community week and work experience, are part of the post 16 curriculum and are an ideal time to take on projects. Some ongoing and recent projects include;​​

  • The building and more recent repair of planters for the Deal RNLI station as part of the construction and built environment course.

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