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Ripplevale certainly has got talent!

On Friday the 22nd we had the pleasure of holding 2022's Primary and Year 7's talent show 'Ripplevale's Got Talent' much to the delight of the students, staff and this year's judging panel, which consisted of Jemma McFadyen, Karen Hollis, Shona McCormack and Katie Buddle.

The hosts with the most Max and Ryan (watch out Ant and Dec!) led the event, giving a commentary full of fun and laughter and were brilliant at introducing all the spectacular acts.

Danny and Lucas wowed the crowd with an energetic parkour routine, which showcased all of their skills to the max. Jack C had us captivated delivering a powerful operatic composition and Bears gave a top class act, performing a wonderful hand dance routine which showed real team spirit and collaboration.

Aaron and Chienken gave an awesome dance routine which showed so much passion and enthusiasm. Finley performed a enchanting magic act which was very impressive indeed. Riley smashed out a brilliant Michael Jackson dance routine which included amazing MJ hat action moves.

Some of our wonderful staff also joined in the fun performing a synchronised swimming routine which was a real joy to behold, well done! Noah had us all laughing our heads off with his fabulous jokes, his delivery was impeccable and Sam had us in awe of his amazing skiing and on a red run to!

Toby and Kieran performed some brilliant hand puzzles, which the judges said showed some fabulous moves and actions and Olly astonished us with his flawless and wonderful impressions. Jack B provided an outstanding mental arithmetic act which had the crowd in awe of his amazing maths skills and Codi enthralled us with a very clever Lego Challenge.

The competition ended with a flourish of electric guitar music by Leo in year 11!

The judges were flabbergasted by the talent that the students displayed and had a very hard task in choosing the winning acts. After much deliberation, the judges chose Aaron and Chienken for the primary winning act and Jack B for his amazing Maths act for the year 7 prize. Max and Ryan received a trophy as well for the brilliant work they did in presenting the show! All the participating acts received a medal as well done and to thank them for their tremendous efforts.

Thank you to all that made this happen, a special thanks goes to Sarah Boost for her amazing efforts in floor managing the show and the encouragement she gave our students.

We can not wait until 2023 Primary and Year 7 'Ripplevale's got Talent'.

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