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Lunchtime & Clubs

Lunchtimes at Ripplevale School are a thing to behold. All of our meals are freshly cooked in our kitchen and the vast majority of meals are homemade using locally sourced ingredients.

All of our fruit and vegetables come from Walmer Court Farm Shop in Walmer, Deal and our meat is sourced from Salvatori Butchers in Whitstable. Almost all of our other ingredients are from Q Catering supplies in Sittingbourne ensuring that we buy the best local ingredients.

On a daily basis, students have the choice of a home-cooked, hot meal with dessert or if they prefer a baked potato with a choice of toppings. A selection of squashes are also available as well as lots of water.  Our menus work on a rotational basis too so that our students know, well in advance, what they are having on a particular day. Students also receive fresh fruit for a snack at breaktimes. 

Having eaten, students then have the choice to attend a lunch-time club. These are offered throughout the week and include:

  • Guitar Club

  • PE Circuits

  • Eco Club

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Club

  • Pokemon

  • Modelling 

  • Art

By offering a variety of clubs students can choose, on an ad hoc basis, whether or not they would like to attend or to simply take in the surroundings of our lovely grounds set amongst ample trees and our own Forest School.