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House System

Ripplevale School is now competitively divided into four houses; Darwin (Green), Einstein (Blue), Newton (Red), and Warhol (Yellow) all of whom were pivotal figures in history known to have autism.

House events now take place at the end of every term and students can win House points simply by taking part in a chosen event. At the introduction of these events last year, students represented their respective houses by taking part in various competitions such as; Dodgeball, Creative writing, Making of Christmas Cards, Spelling Bee, Gym Circuits and staff then joined in a Christmas song ‘sing off’ on the last day of term. Whilst providing a fun end to every term, we strongly believe that students are learning a sense of what healthy competition feels like too as joining together as a team, and working towards a collective goal brings a sense of achievement to all who take part.

These points are all collected and a Challenge Cup will be awarded to the winning House at the end of each academic year. In addition to this, the ‘Green points’ that are awarded to students on a daily basis are also included in the House Points total.

Students also get the opportunity to suggest the next term’s activities by their regular Student Voice meetings.

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In his recent EHCP review (our son) did state: "My school is great!" which means a lot from a boy who hasn't really had a school for almost five years.