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Ripplevale School

  • Cooking at Ripplevale

    date posted: Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

    The boys love cooking at Ripplevale.  Read more to see what they have been making this term.

  • Sports Relief

    date posted: Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

    Sports Relief 2014.  Students and staff enjoyed dressing up for the day.  We saw many great outfits and hoping to reach our target of £500 in sponsorship.  Read more to see other pictures.

  • Lower School Park Trip

    date posted: Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

     Lower school in the 'recording' studio.  Listen to their song and audio books throughout the lower school section of the website. Read more to see photos from their park trip.

  • Pancake Day

    date posted: Tuesday 18 Mar 2014

      Students enjoyed eating their pancakes after cooking them and tossing them.  Did they all manage to get to the finish line without dropping their pancakes?